Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does Mt. Dew shrink your penis?

By Philip Copitch, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Phil,

There is a rumor going around my school that Mt. Dew will shrink your penis. Is this true? If so how come they can legally sell this product?

Paul, Central Valley High, Redding CA.

Does Mt. Dew shrink your penis?

The simple answer is NO!

I am glad that you used the word "rumor" in your question. It seems that you were suspicious.

The problem with rumors is that if they are repeated often enough, they start to seem like old information. Tell the rumor several more times, and it starts to sound like a fact.

Similar rumors have to do with Mt. Dew lowering sperm count and/or shrinking testicles. All bull honkey!

When you come across a rumor, question its authority. Who is telling you this and why? Are there credible facts that can be verified? Is the rumor logical? Personally I like to ask, "Something that important should have facts to prove it, can you show me the facts?"  Statements like, "Everyone knows it," or "My social studies teacher said it," are not facts. 

For more information about this particular rumor see: Mountain Dew Shrinks Testicles

For more information about critical thinking see: The Importance of Teaching Critical Thinking

A few facts about Mt. Dew:

Energy110 kcal
Carbohydrate, by difference31 g
Sugars, total31 g
Sodium, Na50 mg

Dr. Phil's opinion about Mt. Dew

Overall Mt. Dew is liquid candy and should be consumed like a treat. It is very high is sugar, salt, and caffeine. It has no nutritional benefits. I personally like the taste of it. Enjoy it sparingly such as on your birthday, Christmas, and D&D all nighters.

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