Monday, March 13, 2017

What is Acupuncture, by Harriet Hall, MD

Philip Copitch, Ph.D. – 

According to Dr. Hall, none of the following are true about acupuncture:
  • It’s an ancient Chinese treatment method.
  • Involves sticking needles in acupoints
  • It’s widely used in China.
  • Works to relieve pain and nausea.
  • Works for other conditions like infertility.
  • Can be used for surgical anesthesia.
  • Is harmless – no side effects.
  • Has been validated by scientific research
What you think you know about acupuncture is most likely incorrect.

The James Randi Educational Foundation, and Dr. Harriet Hall, have developed 10 free video courses looking at critical thinking and medical claims called Science-Based Medicine. The lectures are:

1. Science-Based Medicine vs. Evidence-Based Medicine
2. What Is CAM?
3. Chiropractic
4. Acupuncture
5. Homeopathy
6. Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
7. Energy Medicine
8. Miscellaneous “Alternatives”
9. Pitfalls in Research
10.Science-Based Medicine in the Media and Politics

There is also a free course guide.

Lecture 4: Acupuncture, by Harriet Hall, MD (32 minute)

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