Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Parenting, the anti-drug

By Philip Copitch, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Phil,

Last year my family came to see you for some help after I was a victim of a crime. We greatly appreciated your help. We learned a lot.

The kids got shirts from your waiting room with ideas on things to do with the family. On a rainy day my son was complaining about being board. He had on the shirt. We decided to do some of the things. So we wrote a song. Then we just kept doing stuff on the shirt. Just want to let you know that we did them all. It was lots of fun.

Thanks form, Mary, Sally, Bobby and Chris.

Thanks Mary it was wonderful to hear from you.

The shirts are a lot of fun. I like the message... Parenting, the anti-drug.

Dr. Phil

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